Water for the Dispensary

The Dispensary is where most of Uyogo Ward’s sick people go first for medical help.  Babies are born there. But it has no running water. 

Water in the dispensary, before the new supply

So, after consultation with Uyogo villagers, thanks to our long-term liaison officer, Lucky Mgeni, KUFL, government water engineers and Uyogo people will together bring water from a borehole elsewhere in Uyogo village, to the Dispensary.

Testing the borehole to see if has enough water to supply the Dispensary

Villagers will provide the labour to dig the trenches for the pipes, and make the bricks to build the stands for storage tanks at planned water points en route.  Two water points will be created, in Uyogo village centre and at the primary school, before the water is stored in a tank right next to the Dispensary.  Water will be stored in polytanks on high stands, from where it can be pumped at pump stands at ground level.