Some of the villagers recently sent us some quotes, of their thoughts about how KUFL has helped Uyogo. This clearly shows how beneficial KUFL is and how much we need your continued to support, in order to support the villagers of Uyogo.

Dr.Joyce Wilson Ongat- “I was working at Uyogo Dispensary as a nurse but now I am a medical doctor ( M.D ) Thank you for your effort of supporting me during my whole course of 5 years, may God bless all of you for that kindness to me and to Uyogo village people as well

Mr Owden- “My village Uyogo has benefited a lot from the projects funded by KUFL our friends from Kenilworth; on the side of health they provided to us medicines, solar for lighting, they sent Joyce Ongati to get a medical course etc. on the side of education they supported a construction of teachers houses, renovation of classrooms, books and also they sent some students to teachers college. On the side of water they constructed a rain water harvesting tank at Uyogo Primary School, a borehole which is very potential to the village, shallow wells ect.)”

villager “The borehole supported by KUFL is very potential in this village because the village has a big problem of water services; the water from this village is used by all the villagers especially during the dry season”

Fatima, Headteacher- “We have benefited a lot for the support from KUFL because now the accessible whereby we are reaching at school easily, they also helped teachers house, classroom and a rain water harvesting tank. Our pupils and us we are enjoying fetching water within our area.”