Update on Uyogo Projects – October 2023

Water Project – Water Pumping Test:

Contractor performing the Water Pumping Test

In early October 2023, Lucky Mgeni (our local project co-ordinator) met with a contractor to undertake the pumping test of the ‘2009 bore hole’. The volume and time to recover the underground water level was considered to be satisfactory.

Being 14 years since the borehole was established and having not been used for a while, sand and other impurities were observed, consequently it will be necessary to flush the borehole and then perform water quality tests.

Lucky is quite optimistic that the results will be satisfactory and that the project to expand the Uyogo pumped water scheme and power it via solar energy will follow the success of the Kiloleni water project, installed with support from by Friends of Urambo and Mwanhala (FUM).

Water from the borehole
Borehole water pumping test

Completing the Uyogo Maternity Facilities:

Thanks to the efforts of Mama Sitta within the district government, they have agreed to release TZS 15,982,300 (~ £5,200) to complete the Uyogo maternity unit. The district government are preparing a plan and it is hoped that this will be shared quite soon.

Beekeeping and Honey Project:

The Uyogo Beekeeping Association (UBEA) have not been quite as active as in previous years, but continue to maintain the beehives and have harvested 60 litres of honey.

Meetings have been arranged, whereby the more hard working members can encourage the group and attract new members. A modest profit has been made from the sale of honey and associated products, which will be used to increase the number of beehives.

Classroom for Igembensabo Primary School:

The roofing work at Igembensabo classroom, with internal rafters is now complete. Whilst the wooden windows have been constructed and installed, and the plastering work has been done both inside and outside.

Igembensabo School – Internal Rafters
Igembensabo School – Completed Roof
Internal Plastering
Windows and External Plastering