Update on Uyogo Projects – April 2024

The project continues to re-activate the ‘2009 borehole’, install solar power, connect up the borehole with the existing village pumped water scheme and extend the scheme to serve a new water point at Umiki Secondary School. Lucky Mgeni (our local project co-ordinator) has sent pictures showing recent progress.

The building for the solar panels and electrical equipment has been constructed. For security, a fence will be constructed around the building. When completed, with the panels and equipment installed, it will look similar to that from the Kiloleni water project, completed in 2023, supported by Friends of Urambo and Mwanhala (FUM).

Uyogo Village Water Scheme Solar Building
KUFL Uyogo Water Scheme – Solar Building
FUM Kiloleni Water Scheme – Solar Building

Further trenches are being dug for the additional pipe work. Although digging started last year, there was a delay due to rain and the need to protect crops, before harvesting.

Polythene Pipes
Digging Trenches from the 2009 Borehole

Angle Iron frames to support the solar panels have been fabricated.

Cutting the Angle Iron
Welding a Solar Frame
Solar Panel

The project continues to produce re-useable sanitary pads, from local material, for girls Umiki school students, who might otherwise miss a week of school each month.

Magreth Simon & Daughter Producing Sanitary Pads
Producing Sanitary Pads

The Uyogo Beekeeping Association, who are additionally supported by Bee Abroad, have been busy harvesting their honey.

The UBEA Group Harvesting Honey
The UBEA Group Harvesting Honey