Two Primary Classrooms for Kasela

Kasela is a sub-village in Uyogo Ward, which also comprises Igembensabo and Uyogo villages.

In 2019 the government of Tanzania announced free primary schooling for all children.  This meant that village schools were expecting a much larger than usual enrolment in primary school in January 2020.  However, no extra classroom room buildings, teaching staff or accommodation for them in these remote villages were provided.

Kasela villagers decided they would build 2 new classrooms themselves, for their children.  They moulded the bricks, dried them and built the walls so the classrooms were half complete when  visitors from Kenilworth saw them in October 2019.  After meeting and talking to the Headteacher and Deputy Head of the Kasela Primary School and being impressed by their dedication and initiative, KUFL decided to support Kasela villagers in completing these two classrooms.  We have purchased roofing materials, window frames and grills (no glass windows needed in these warm temperatures) and materials for plastering over the brickwork inside and out.  Villagers and local “fundis” (experts) contributed their labour.

Kasela Primary Classrooms, before doors and windows

The classrooms are now (November 2020) almost complete.  They lack proper flooring but that can come later.  They will be officially handed over to the government who will provide desks, chairs, other school furniture and appoint teaching staff.

Kasela Primary Classrooms: Initial Rendering
Kasela Primary Classrooms: Final Rendering

KUFL works together with villagers, local experts and the District government, collaboratively, to support improvements in people’s lives in Uyogo Ward.