Maternity Unit

In October 2015 we sent a donation of £7500 towards the building of a maternity unit in the village.

This will enable the village doctor, Joyce Ongati, to use her new skills and help avoid women in labour having to make the difficult journey to the local hospital.

maternity unit


Updated Pictures from May 2016

The maternity unit has been built by the Uyogo villagers with KUFL’s contribution for  building materials which cannot be made in the village (for example, roofing sheets).  KUFL also provided funds to buy medical maternity equipment, consulting a Kenilworth-based midwife to endorse the proposed list of equipment that should be purchased. 

Maternity Unit June 2020

Some of this equipment (maternity beds etc) has been purchased but the maternity building is still not in use yet because the Tanzanian government’s share of this project, consisting of 20 million Tz shillings, has not yet materialised.  KUFL was assured in February 2019 that this sum of money had been set aside for the project but we still await the release of the funds, completion of the building and the arrival of the rest of the equipment in Uyogo so villagers can benefit.