Covid-19 in Tanzania

On 11 March 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 to be a pandemic in Tanzania.  Covid is affecting countries in Africa differently. Tanzania has not been updating statistics with the WHO since May, so the current situation is confusing.

Most Covid cases in Tanzania have been in and around Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. It is fairly certain that in rural areas such as Uyogo the situation is not overwhelming.  In Urambo District Dr Joyce Ongati is working with the Corona Virus Protection Team, providing health education for rural areas.  Some protective clothing is available for medical staff but more is required for all health staff to be sufficiently protected.

KUFL is sending funds to enable Uyogo villagers to buy soap so that the dispensary, primary and secondary schools and people at home can wash their hands often, in order to protect them as much as possible from Covid-19

Schools across the whole country were closed in March but both primary and secondary schools have now opened again (July 2020).  In early June the President declared Tanzania Covid-free but since then there have been reports of burials at night.

In early July Oxfam warned about the risk of deaths from hunger due to food supply problems because of lockdown.

We hold our friends in Uyogo in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.