Covid-19 in Tanzania

The Covid-19 virus has impacted many areas of the world and unfortunately Tanzania has not escaped. On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO), declared Covid-19 to be a pandemic in Tanzania.

We have received an update from Lucky Mgeni, outlining the latest news (March 2020):

To limit spread of the virus has necessitated the government to close the schools. Over the years, KUFL have supported Dr Joyce Ongati in her medical training. In addition to her work at the obstetric ward in Urambo, Joyce is working alongside the Corona Virus Protection Team, providing health education. On 12th March 2020 The Urambo Corona Virus Protection Team, including Dr Joyce, went to Uyogo village to provide health education, instructions on hand washing, the need to avoid overcrowding, protection against coughs and sneezing, signs and symptoms of corona virus and where to seek help should complications arise.

Although some protective clothing is available, more is required, so that all health staff can be sufficiently protected.

KUFL is sending money to enable Uyogo villagers to buy soap; so that the dispensary, primary and secondary schools and people at home can wash their hands often, in order protect them, as much as possible, from Covid-19.

Lucky passes on his greetings to all and we hold our friends from Uyogo in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.