Helping prevent Covid-19 in Urambo District (Update June 2020)

Through the work of Friends of Urambo & Mwanhala ( and partner organisations, five million Tanzanian shillings (about £1,800) has been sent to each of the hospitals FUM works with, in Kaliua, Nzega and Urambo. The funds have been used to purchase masks, soap, PPE and hand washing stations

Hand Wash Station
Masks and Soap

Urambo District hospital is the nearest hospital to Uyogo. KUFL members have contributed some of the funds and we are delighted to see that this hospital, where Dr Joyce Ongati works, has received protective and preventive equipment.

Dr. Joyce is reported to be safe and very much motivated towards serving the Urambo and Uyogo communities. She is working with Urambo District hospital’s Corona Virus Protection Team and went to Uyogo in March 2020 to provide health education.  This included instructions on hand washing, the need to avoid overcrowding, protection against coughs and sneezing, signs and symptoms of corona virus and where to seek help should complications arise.

Hand Wash Station

Following Dr Joyce’s Covid-19 prevention training, KUFL sent money in April and July 2020 for Uyogo villagers to be able to keep themselves supplied with hand washing soap.

Thankfully, to date (9 July), there have been no reported Covid-19 cases in either Uyogo or in the Covid-19 isolation and treatment unit at Urambo District Hospital.