Bore Hole & Water Harvesting

In Uyogo water has traditionally been available from local hand dug shallow wells. However in recent years these shallow wells have been drying up and expensive deep boreholes have had to be drilled in the locality to provide an alternative supply. These are only sited where a survey indicates the likelihood of a good underground supply and unfortunately are not always conveniently located ,often requiring long return journeys by the villagers. In 2006 the village committee said that water provision had become a critical issue for them and asked if KUFL could help fund a new borehole as near as possible to the centre of the main village.

In 2009 ,following a survey ,KUFL funded a 50 m deep borehole which fortunately tapped into a good supply of drinkable water. Although it is getting good use its location still necessitates a 2 to 3 mile round trip for most of the villagers. In time it may be possible to pipe the water from the borehole to the village but in the meantime KUFL have also funded the construction of 3 concrete roofwater harvesting tanks. These 50,000 litre tanks are sited next to school classroom blocks and will collect and store rainwater from the corrugated iron roofs during the rainy season thus providing a source of convenient drinkable water for the schoolchildren.

Please contact us if you would like more information or would like to donate to this project.

John Radford and Peter Fisher